Proven Methods to Boost Affiliate Sales as a Blogger

Write case studies

If you are into affiliate marketing for a while, you might already know the importance of writing product reviews on your site. Most people think, writing reviews about the products they promote can boost their affiliate sales. That’s a wrong approach.

Here’s what you should do instead: Write in-depth, engaging and informative case studies around the products that you promote.

When you write just product reviews, you write for search engines. You stuff your review posts with keywords. You won’t focus on helping your audience. That’s why writing mediocre product reviews won’t help you increase your affiliate sales.

Instead of writing keyword rich reviews, focus on telling the benefits that you get from the products you promote; people will listen to you.

I wrote a case study about how it helped me boost my search engine traffic. The post converted like crazy. Not only it gets a ton of traffic from Google but more importantly that case study generates me a lot of sales.

Promote LESS with MORE focus

One of the biggest mistake most people make while doing affiliate marketing is they promote too many products. What happens when you promote more products? You don’t focus much on any one of them.

So promote less products with MORE focus. If you are just starting out, I highly recommend you to pick just ONE product that you are already using and/or satisfied with.

You should know each and every benefit of using that product. Only then you can promote it strategically to boost sales. Even if you have a blog with decent search traffic, don’t promote more than 3 products.

People buy the results, not products

Focus on featuring the benefits of using the products that you promote. People don’t buy every affiliate product that you promote. They buy the results. They buy benefits.

Most people focus on aggressively promoting their affiliate products. They talk more about why they should buy those products. They don’t talk much about the REAL value that their audience get by using them.

They don’t even talk about pros and cons of the products. That’s why most people fail to build trust and grow their sales.

Use email to your advantage

Your email list is your ATM. The more qualified subscribers you have the more sales you can make. Majority of the affiliate marketers make 80% of their income through their email lists. Almost everyone focuses on increasing their email list. No one actually cares about improving their sales funnel (which itself is the #1 way to boost sales).

Create an email sequence that blows your audience minds. Use some really good emails by providing a TON of value for free instead of sending promotional emails right off the bat.

Make sure to focus on improving your email subject lines so you get better open rates along with the click through rates for your emails.

While creating an email sequence, don’t forget to recommend products you promote. But don’t push them hard. Do soft selling.

Provide extra value

When you give rewards or special stuff to your audience, they are more likely to convert into buyers by using your affiliate links to purchase. Also make sure to mention your affiliate disclosure when you are promoting affiliate products.

Earn people’s trust and be extra cautious about your usage of links. Don’t add too many within a page or people might think you are just spamming them with your affiliate links.

Provide access to your email while writing affiliate product related pages. Tell your audience to send you an email if they got any questions before making a purchase. Genuine buyers will contact you if they are still hesitating to buy from you or  your affiliate products. It’s a nice way to grow your affiliate sales by giving access to your email.

Get banner ads designed

Focus on using unique and compelling banner ads for the products you promote. The banner ads that you use on your blog’s sidebar, content and footer play a big role. Instead of displaying the same banner ads that everyone else in your industry is using, get your banner ads designed. Make them look compelling and unique. That way you can grab people’s attention really quickly.

Don’t place too many banner ads on your sidebar. Showing too many ads can only reduce your sales and website speed.

Find out how other people in your industry are using banner ads. Find out where they are using to grow their sales. That way you will get ideas on where to place your banner ads for more visibility.

Be fair and don’t make false promises

Affiliate marketing is a marathon, not sprint. Focus on building a strong rapport with their audience by promoting the right products.

Don’t promote crappy products just for commission. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, be genuine and honest.


Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly. More and more people are diving into affiliate marketing to make money but the majority of them are failing because of one reason: they focus on shortcuts.

It takes time to master the art of selling. You should know how to persuade your audience without sounding like a salesman.

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