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It's easy as 1-2-3 to succeed with Modern Social.

Our exclusive affiliate program is designed for active affiliates success.

40% - 45% commissions on new subscribers and overrides on sales by affiliates you recruit to your network.

Step 1: Determine how much money you'd like to earn?


Generate a second income stream for your online marketing business.

350 - 500 New Subscribers

$3,500 - $5,000


Grow your program and begin recruiting new affiliates to your network.

500 - 750 New Subscribers

$5,000 - $7,500


Generate a second income stream for your online marketing business.

750 - 1,000+ New Subscribers

$7,500 - $10,000+

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Step 2: Schedule & commit 30 minutes per week

Use our 1-click posting tools & pre-written weekly posts for your social media marketing.


30 minutes per week = Just one day for the entire year!

Isn't one day worth thousands of dollars in your pocket?

Step 3: Jumpstart your program!


Schedule your 15 minute on boarding demo of our social media posting tools, resources and your affiliate dashboard.


Launch with a 5 Day Flash Sale special offer for your followers to kick start your program and earn commissions in your first week! 


Earn real money while promoting a product you believe in and will help others grow their online & offline businesses!

Apply for the affiliate program today.

Who participates in Modern Social's affiliate program?

Network Organizers (online & offline)

Do you manage an influencer or business network? You have an incredible opportunity to share world class social media & marketing content with your members while recruiting new affiliates to your network.

Influencer networks, Blog networks, Business networking & referral groups

Social Media Group Organizers & Members

Are you the organizer, admin or member of a social media group online? Then be the first to provide your group members with an opportunity to subscribe to Modern Social and bring new affiliates into your program.

Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Online Business Networking Groups

Top Influencers & Bloggers

Are you a successful influencer with an engaged following? Make Modern Social on of your top referred resources to your readers, followers and audience that wants to learn from you and prepare for their online success!

We look for sites with at least 5,000 visitors per month or social media channels with 10,000+ followers (let us know your power channel)

Conference & Event Organizers

Do you organize a small local event or a large conference for over 1,000+ attendees? Event attendees are eager to learn & invest in their success! Some of our most successful affiliates are conference organizers who provide year round offers and event specials to their attendees!

Apply and contact us directly to discuss marketing plans for your conference, events, Facebook groups and value added benefits for your attendees. 

Business Coaches

Do you teach, coach and support entrepreneurs that want to succeed in business online or offline?  Modern Social is an incredible resource to help marketers, creators & founders take it to the next level! Providing a year round resource to your coaching clients is a great benefit to their learning experience!

Share Modern Social with online entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaching clients, digital marketers, new start ups & your private groups

Digital Marketers & Affiliate Marketers

Do you market your products and services online through webinars, email lists, sales funnels and downloadable products? Modern Social is a great resource and value added benefit for your followers and customers that already value their relationship with you and your company.

Apply and contact us to create a plan to offer Modern Social Magazine to your followers and new acquired customers as a benefit that will remind them of you year round.

Affiliate FAQ's

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can anyone apply to participate in the affiliate program?

What is the affiliate commission structure?

Can I recruit affiliates and earn override commissions?

Why is the affiliate program private and exclusive?

If I'm approved to participate, what's next?

What type of affiliates are we looking for?

How much money can I really make?

Why do I need an on boarding meeting to participate?

How do I promote Modern Social to my audience?

Apply for the affiliate program today.