10 Lessons I Learned During My First Year as a Blogger

One of the questions I’m often asked when people learn The Modern Jetsetter is less than a year old is “How did you do it so fast?” and let me tell you, the road wasn’t easy and it required sacrifice. It wasn’t until a six months ago that my income generated via this blog matched my income at my old editorial job. Now I want to reflect on the 10 lessons and pieces of advice I want to extend to every woman who is itching to transform their passions into their career and the life of their dreams. 1. Always Choose Authenticity

Be different, disrupt and be bold in discovering what inspires your audience. Hone your deepest passions and don’t ever veer away from them. Combine that with healthy social, SEO and editorial strategy and lofty growth goals and run steadily toward your summit of potential.

2. You are Your Own Brand; act like it

From the way you dress, answer emails to the voice you weave throughout every sentence of your writing…you are your own brand. When your actions match your business intentions regularly, success manifests more quickly.

3. Know Your Worth and Never Settle

Ladies, never sell yourself short. Decades of gender norms have made us antsy at the thought of negotiation and deals. Stop, respect yourself and never settle for less than your value in any aspect of life.

4. Watch Your Money, Never Borrow

and Side Hustle for Side Dreams

Never forget the importance of healthy investments, a growing savings account and remaining 100% debt free. I started my business with only a savings account and a blog-driven income goal on the distant horizon. I made that happen, but I kept setting new income goals and investment goals, and until I reach a six figure blog-driven income alone, I will always use my skills to side hustle on outside projects for side dreams. Side hustles won’t last forever, but they are always a great way to save for bigger investments.

5. Be Selective with Who You Work With

Don’t ever sign a contract with a brand or business until you’re certain that you are getting your worth and that you are excited to share this brand with your audience. Can you present it in a way that elevates your reader’s lifestyle? Does it fit into your editorial strategy and inspire you? The answer to each of these questions needs to be yes.

6. Think of Multiple Ways to Monetize

The first rule to launching your own business: Don’t rely on one stream of revenue. After owning your brand for a year, you’ll have a firm grip on your niche and in which ways you want to grow. Once the nine-month mark hits, think of at least five ways to monetize your influence, skills and services through your brand/website alone. Plan a business refresh (a website redesign, for example) and put all those revenue streams into place one year after launching and building your audience/clientele. The goal is to have your income streams become passive so you can focus on new areas of growth.

7. Network Outside the Blogging World

I quickly found that my most lucrative business relationships were formed outside the influencer industry. Surrounding yourself with creative business owners is imperative to social satisfaction, yes. However, constantly forming and nurturing relationships in the verticals surrounding your industry will give you an edge.

8. Perfect Your Daily Routine

Every successful business owner and entrepreneur has a fine-tuned daily routine they don’t stray from. I used to think perhaps that was detrimental to the creative process, but since adopting a strict daily routine, I’ve been able to maximize my working time while making sure my personal life doesn’t take a backseat. Routine and rhythm can maximize your results across all areas of your business and personal life.

9. Have Personal Rituals for Balance

Identify five things that make you happy and do them throughout the week unconditionally. I wish I could say that you will be able to “check out” of your business easily, but that’s not true. You will always be tuned in to some degree. What’s important is that you designate a few activities every week to “shut off” time.

10. Enjoy Being a Beginner

With hard work, you’ll soon need to be prepared to nurture your business and give it what it needs to soar to the next levels. Enjoy those precious days of finding your brand and making it your own; they will be some of your most golden business milestones and define you as an entrepreneur.

About the Author

Hello, I'm Kortney Gruenwald and I am an online lifestyle destination blogger celebrating luxury travel and the romance of living in New York City. Feel free to check me out on Facebook. You can read more about my story here.